Who can play in the MCAA league?
MCAA is open to any child age 5 thru 18 (age as of September 1st).  You do not have to live in the Mill Creek Community nor Gwinnett Country.  However, there is an additional $50.00 charge per player for any child not residing in Gwinnett County. 18 year-olds must be in high school.
How much does it cost?
The registration fee is $145.00 for the first child and $135.00 for each additional child from the same family.  This cost includes a full uniform and MCHS 6th man shirt.
How do I register my child?
You can register on-line or in person.  Online registration is open from September 8th thru October 14th for ages 5-12.  Online registration is open from September 8th thru October 31st for ages 13-18 due to high school team tryouts. Payment is by credit card only online.  For in person registration or to pay by check, walk up registration will be on Sunday September 23rd from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm and Sunday October 7th from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm.
What some key dates during the year?
A complete calendar can be found on the website.
Can I request to be on a specific team, coach, or request to play with a specific child? 
Our players are assigned to teams using a draft.  Coaches will evaluate players based on the player evaluations.  We do NOT allow parents or coaches to reserve or request specific players/teams/coaches.  We only have two exceptions to this rule – a head coach’s child will always be on his/her team, and siblings in the same age group will always be on the same team. There is no guarantee an assistant coach will have his/her child on his/her team.  Team Moms will be assigned to the team their child is selected on.  You must be a head coach to reserve your child.
Where will games/practices be played?
All games and practices will be played at the following schools: Bogan Park Gym, Harmony Elementary, Ivy Creek Elementary, Duncan Creek Elementary, Freemans Mill Elementary, Fort Daniel Elementary, Patrick Elementary, Jones Middle School, Osborne Middle School and Mill Creek High School.  The exact location for each team will be published in late October on the website.  There are no guarantees that your child will practice or play games at any specific location.
What day will the games/practices be on?
The exact schedule for each team will be published in late October on the website.  See the 2006 Calendar on the website for more information.  We will try not to have practices/games on Wednesdays or Fridays.  However, in a few cases, this may be unavoidable.  We will not have games/practices on Sundays once the season starts.
How late will practices/games be?
We will attempt to not have practices or games extend beyond 9:00 pm on any school night and 8:00 pm on Saturdays.  You will only have one practice or game for one hour on one day during the week.  Everyone will have a practice or game on Saturday.
What are the age groups and can my child play with a different age group?
The age groups are 5-6 girls, 5-6 boys, 7-8 girls, 7-8 boys, 9-10 girls, 9-10 boys, 11-12 girls, 11-12 boys, 13-18 girls, 13-14 boys, & 15-18 boys.  We use your child’s age as of September 1st to determine what age group they will play in.  If necessary, age will be verified by the MCAA Basketball Board via a copy of your child’s birth certificate. The age groups are subject to change.  In years past, we have had to combine 5-6 girls with 5-6 boys due to lack of girls registered.  If we do not have 28 girls in the 5/6 age group register, you have the option of 1) playing in 5/6 co-ed league, 2) moving up to 7/8 girls with League Director prior approval, 3) getting a refund.
With League Director prior approval, a child may play up one age group. This will be based on the child’s athletic ability to ensure for the safety of the children. No child will be able to play down one age group.
What are the major rule changes this year?
A complete copy of the rules can be found on the website
How do I sign-up to be a coach or team mom?
Volunteer sign-up can be done online when you register your child.  You do not have to have basketball experience to coach a team.  We are looking for good parents who can be good teachers.  We offer a coaches clinic to all persons interested in being a coach.  The clinic will provide you with the basic knowledge to become a coach.  There is also a great website to teach you how to become a coach (or a better coach): http://www.coachesclipboard.net/CoachingKids.shtml
What is the Player’s Clinic and is it mandatory my child attend?
The Player’s Clinic on November 3rd at Bogan Gym is hosted by the Mill Creek High School Basketball Teams and MCAA.  The clinic cost is $25 per child.  We will teach kids the fundamentals of basketball.  With the basic fundamentals of basketball understood, your child will have a better playing experience during the season.  The fundamentals that we teach at this clinic can be practiced at home.  The clinic is optional for all children.  You do not have to be registered with MCAA Basketball to attend the camp.  More information can be found on our website.
How are All Stars selected?
The All Star players and respective teams will be selected by the All Star coach in the league.  All Star selection will take place at the end of the regular season.
Will MCAA have Pro Style and Pro Named uniforms this year?
No.  MCAA Basketball is part of the Mill Creek Hawks community.  We are all Hawks, therefore, we will wear the colors of our Mill Creek Hawks.  Additionally, in an effort to keep your cost as low as possible, we work to keep the uniform cost low.  Most other Associations require you to purchase uniforms in addition to the registration fee.


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